Code of Conduct for PSH Service Providers (“The Code of Conduct”)
A distinguishing mark of the personnel screening profession is its access to a vast amount of information, much of it personal and confidential information.
To maintain a high level of ethics and professional conduct, Personnel Screening Helpdesk (“PSH”) has adopted The Code of Conduct on 6 May 2015. PSH requires adherence to The Code of Conduct as a condition of being a PSH Service Provider (“Member”). The Code of Conduct prescribes the minimum professional and ethical standards to be observed by all members.
A member shall perform professional duties in accordance with the laws applicable to whatever jurisdiction it is performing its duties.
A member shall not associate with, or conduct business with, any persons or organization that does not abide by the law or whose actions could reasonably be considered legally suspect.
A member shall comply with all necessary licensing requirements relevant to its duties.
A member shall observe the precepts of truthfulness, honesty and integrity.
A member shall disclose all relevant information to those having a right to know. A member shall not knowingly release misleading information, nor encourage or otherwise participate in the release of such information.
A member shall only accept assignments that the member is competent to perform and shall only assign employees with knowledge and expertise relevant to the assignment.
A member shall represent products and services fairly and truthfully.
A member shall be diligent in fulfilling commitment to the client and to fulfill that commitment to the best of its abilities.
A member shall treat all confidential information appropriately and must not knowingly reveal the confidential information.
A member shall take reasonable steps to prevent access to confidential information by unauthorized people and shall not take advantage of proprietary or privileged information.
Confidentiality continues after the business relationship between the member and its client has terminated.
A member, a client or a member of the public may report any perceived violation of The Code of Conduct to PSH. Upon review PSH will take appropriate actions against the member concerned.
A member shall promote adherence to The Code of Ethics by all other vendors working on its behalf.

Employment Verification

To conduct former employment verification, usually you can make an inquiry directly with the former employer, provided that the former employer has not ceased to operate. A copy of consent form (here is an example) signed by the candidate might be required for the release of information. In some cases you might wish to seek assistance from a local screening service provider, who can help you to overcome language barrier and time difference. Simply select a country below and see who might be of assistance:

PSH Service Provider is yet to available in this country/ region.

PSH Service Providers pledged to abide by the PSH Code of Conduct.

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